The Prize

In a fast moving digital age where new business ideas and new ways of utilizing the technical innovations change everyday life, Media Evolution wants to highlight a few of the world’s best, most ground breaking products and services out there.

So Media Evolution hereby presents a new annual prize – The Prize. We will present some of the most disruptive and innovative products and services that are changing the media landscape of today and which are creating an impact on the future world on a local, national or global level.

Why settle for anything less?

An internationally acclaimed jury will help us pick out three finalists, and the participants at Media Evolution The Conference will be able to vote for the winner in Malmö, August 22-23rd, 2012.

The purpose of The Prize is to recognize and highlight a product/business idea/service that utilizes new technology in order to make the world a better place on a local, national or global level. The award is international, with both panel members and nominations from all over the world.

The Jury

Thomas Frostberg

Thomas Frostberg

Senior Business Columnist at Sydsvenskan 


Tishna Molla

COO & Producer
Power to the Pixel

Chief Wonka

Chief Wonka™

mills of


Riyaad Minty

Head of Social Media
Al Jazeera 


Björn Jeffery

Toca Boca


Rachel Mordecai

Creative Executive, Digital & Brand Strategist




Gigi Wang

Chair Emeritus of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab
Managing Partner at MG-Team


Sara Ponnert

Sara Ponnert

Business Developer
Media Evolution


The winner of The Prize 2012 is Bambuser

The Rules

The rules are few;

…your service or product is released
…in the scope of the The Prize criteria
…you have to participate at Media Evolution The Conference in Malmö in August 22-23 2012.

The product or service you nominate needs to be ground breaking and disruptive, is changing the media landscape and is creating an impact to the future of the world on a local, national or global level.

Buzz words to be inspired by: Groundbreaking – Disruptive – Convergence – Open data – Crowd sourced

Three finalists will be picked out from the nominees by the acclaimed international jury.

If You are one of the three you will then get the opportunity to show your service/product to the 900 participants of The Conference and you will be asked to be there in person to do so.

The participants of The Conference will then vote on one of the three finalists, for us to be able to pick a winner.

The accreditation for The Conference is on our expense and we promise -> it will be well worth the trip!